Ernesto Solari was born in the town of Forlimpopoli (Italy) in 1951.  His artistic and cultural training took place in Bologna and Florence. His workshop is located in Como, where he has lived and worked since 1978.

Solari established himself as a researcher in the field of new and alternative art forms, determined to probe their darkest mysteries and secrets.  Through the educational power of creativity, this path initiated him to esoteric mysteries, which he explored by revisiting the great artists of the past such as Leonardo da Vinci and Dürer.

After following his own artistic itinerary in the search for light and space, Solari has reached, first through the kabalistic and then the alchemical experience, the hyper structures and the subsequent use of the technique of the material light point.

From chromatic and structural experimentation to the wings of paper and rags, he came to the definition of a totalizing art through a generative process of the art itself, thus giving more value to the creative path than to the final product. According to Solari the completed work cannot be attributed the meaning of contemporary art in an absolute sense. The final product is therefore the process, the path itself which materializes and becomes visible and perceivable both on a sensorial and spatial level. It is a virtual synthesis of one's own reflections on time, on the experiences of the past and the present.

At the same time, Solari researches and represents mystical and theological truths that allow the artist to place his knowledge and expressive skills beyond a historical level and out of time and trends. He gets out of the sterile mechanisms often dictated by the market to pursue the belief that art can still help the world, as perhaps the first creative men did in antiquity, and this thanks to the knowledge and revelation of mystical-theological and philosophical truths.

This revelation, together with the recovery of spiritual and human values have become an urgent necessity today, so that the cultural crisis and the "false gods" or "Pagan Totems" of art do not completely kill the creative energy of humanity, on the edge of a perilous fall into the apocalyptic abyss.

In their greater than ever solitude, individuals will have to learn to reflect and make their reflection the pivot of their enrichment for their creative and spiritual rebirth. Using simple materials such as wood, Solari creates his simulacra, or totems, which intend to open up to social and cultural dialogue by reflecting on today's contaminations and difficulties.

He is an artist and researcher. He taught Art and Painting and Art History for over 38 years; he organised over 30 personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad; he was responsible for organising and overseeing several successful exhibitions such as: ”Garibaldi: Ideals, Loves and Thoughts”, Como Museo Garibaldi, 1982; “Dossi and the Scapigliati”, Como Broletto, 1985; “Ligabue and Mazzacurati” Como San Francesco, 1989; “Heaven in Your Hands”, Cernobbio Villa Erba, 1990; “Artusi’s Locations” Bertinoro (three spaces) 1992; “Federico II: The Eagle’s Eye”, at Brisighella, L’Aquila, Foggia, Vieste, Como, 1994-95 (under the patronage of the President of the Republic); in 1996 he drew the sketch for the poster celebrating the Pope’s visit to Como and painted a portrait of John Paul II, then donated to the city of Como by the Pope himself; “The Tree of Life”, Como Villa Olmo, 1997; “Artusi: The Alchemist of Flavours”, Forlimpopoli Festa Artusiana, 1998; “Infinite Leopardi”, Como San Francesco and Bertinoro City Hall, 1999; “Cagliostro” at the Rocca di S. Leo, 2004; “Anthology” at Villa Pomini at Castellanza in 2004; “The Lipomo Holy Family”, Church of San Giacomo in Como 2004; “Leonardo, Piona and The Last Supper ” at the Abbey of Piona (Lc), 2005; Mona Lisa, Her Face and Soul” at the Abbey of Piona (Lc), 2006; “The Saint Anne by Leonardo” presentation of an unpublished work: Milan, Press Association, 2009; he wrote for Gulliver Educational Magazine 2008-09 and for Art&Dossier, Publisher.Giunti, 2010; “The Italian Soul” Exhibition on the Unification of Italy at S. Fermo,. 2011; ANTHOLOGY: 50 years. Broletto-Como, 2014; Opening of the Permanent Committee for the Study of Art and of the Centre for Leonardo  Studies in Como, 2015.